This has driving me nuts!!!

Firstly i want to be clear this is not an MPC-HC issue me thinks, because i NEVER have that kind of nuisance using ONLY MPC-HC for dvd playback !!!

ONLY when i use MPC-HC + FFdshow in tandem (for filtering) i get like sometimes 9 out of 10 times this annoying black screen to seee !!

Now, the thing is upon dvd playback i suppose to get to see the language menu in normal circumstances ...

Bit instead i get an black screen!!!

Example ↓

I have tried all sorts of combinations... like FFdshow raw video filter, deleted some sub filters , settings, and what not ( to much to sum up here) !! ... to no vail...

The only thing that is consistence or rather stuborn is that this ONLY happends when i use FFDshow as external filter !!!

Have tried all sorts of FFdshow builds , even the beta/SVN builds ... but all to no vail...

Is there no work arround for this whitout sacrificing FFdshow features → need filters sharpening, deinterlacing etc... hence the need for ffdshow !!

I can try another video players.. like zoomplayer... but like i said before, the problem onlhy ocures when i use ffdshow in tandem with the players ...
So, that kind of prooves that ffdshow has something to do with it..

Also, i have read an topic from another user that had the VERY SAME SIMILAR problem i have now using ZooM player !!!

And here i am , using MPC ... this cant be an video player problem now .. can it !!

Ideas suggestions are welcome;