Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your response.

On 2/11/08, Jonathan Woithe <jwoithe@physics.adelaide.edu.au> wrote:
Hi Patrick

> So I'm curious if there's been any progress on sniffing the protocol, and
> if there is anything I can do to help this along.

AFAIK I'm the only FFADO developer equipped to investigate these protocols
(please correct me if I've missed anyone) and unfortunately I don't have
access to an 896HD.  This makes the deduction of the protocol rather awkward
at best.  To do useful tests yourself you need at the very least a
PCILynx-based firewire card, the nosy software, a knowledge of the firewire
protocol and a willingness to hack nosy to get the information you need.
Does this sound like the kind of thing you could do?

I can do this, but I need to find one of these firewire cards.  As a day job, I'm a software engineer, and I've worked on Linux development for a couple years, and I know my way around hardware.  So I should be able to help.  Plus I want to get it working under ardour, so I've got some motivation!

For the sniffing, should I run the MOTU windows software (I haven't used this yet), and sniff on the same PC?  Or do I need to stick another PC (with the PCILynx card) between the windows PC and the MOTU?  What s/w do you use to do the sniffing?  I've got XP installed on my windows PC, and I have another spare desktop that I can put whatever on (currently has FC4).

What's a good starting point for reading about the 1394 protocol?  I found a 137 page "overview" of all the specifications on this page:


I've got some reading ahead...