Yes, I think it's ready to commit. The subsequent patches will come as time allows.


On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 1:03 PM, Jonathan Woithe <> wrote:
Hi Jano

> this is the next version of the patch. I placed braces where they belong,
> and renamed volume variable to outputPair.

Thanks for providing this.

> I want to note that the bitmap is in the app space configuration; for each
> bit of it, one control (outputPair) is created.
> Therefore I stayed with singular. The whole group of controls is called
> grp_volumeKnob.

Ok, I see.  In this context I agree that the singular makes sense.

> In DBUS, the naming is .../Settings/VolumeKnob/Line1Line2 --
> .../Settings/VolumeKnob/Line7Line8

This seems fine to me.

Do you consider this patch to be ready to commit at this point?  I have no
objections at this stage.  I think Phil was going to confirm that it has no
effect on other devices.  So long as Phil reports no issues with his devices
I'll be happy to commit this.