I had similar issue, but with standalone configuration. I started working on it, but got busy with other things and had to postpone it.

There are several things to do in order to implement these "advanced" settings:

1. determine what we have to write to the card for each individual setting and its value. Set something in windows, reboot, check values in linux, repeat.
Philippe has described the process here:


2. add setters/getters for the values in dice code.

3. add DBus access to those setters/getters

4. add new tab to ffado-mixer with those settings (this may involve create special mixer for profire2626)

I don't know ffado good enough yet, so I may be wrong; hopefully others will correct me.


On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 11:37 AM, <ilia_2s@mail.ru> wrote:
Hi all.

I use M-audio profire 2626 with FFADO.

It have an option that can disable master volume knob in windows mixer. Also, I can select output mode for optical port "B" (ADAT or S/Pdif; port "A" - ADAT always), but in ffado-mixer I can't do it.

I found a windows PC and change this setting in windows mixer. After that master volume knob saved their settings permanently, but status of optical port mode unknown. I route an audio stream to all outputs in qjackctl connections tab, I see a signal on analog autputs, coax. output, but there is no signal on optical output "B". I know nothing about a reasons of this problem, but I suppose that we must have a control of this options in ffado-mixer at first.

Best regards,

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