Hey Tomasz,

Pretty interesting problem. I would imagine that the windows driver is sending some sort of command to unmute the device before streaming audio.

If you could download http://perisoft.net/bushound/ (the free version) and use it to log the firewire packets through a power cycle of the interface, then post it here, it may be of some help.


On 28 July 2013 19:32, Tomasz T <t.tajmajer@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi there,

I'm an owner of the M-audio FW solo interface, which as I can see in
stats, is quite popular among the ffado users.
In general, the interface works fine, except one issue, which really
annoys me. The problem is that, after rebooting the interface,
internal mixer switches to "mute" or disables the analog outputs,
anyway - there is no sound. The only way to fix this is to boot
windows, which by default restores the mixer settings.

I see that, you guys are doing really great work and I would like to
help you with adding full support for this particular device. I work
as an embedded systems developer and I have some experience with using
and developing software for Linux, however I've never programmed any
firewire devices, so this would be something new to me.

As I understand, the best way to get rid of the mixer setting issue
for FW solo, would be to implement mixer settings for ffado-mixer,
right ?
Do you have any specs for m-audio FW interfaces, describing how the
mixer settings are controlled, or is it all reverse engineered ?

Any advices, where to start ? :)


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