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I've got the Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 working with the DICE drivers (driver=20), using build 1990 (configuration included from build 1991). The mixer provides 32 in by 18 out over firewire, and I've got access to all channels in and out, at 24/48kHz (mixer max samplerate). Only the Studiolive 16.0.2 provides a midi interface.

Have you managed to confirm any async firewire functionality (channel mute, solo, level, etc...) with the V-Fire, using the DICE driver? With the Presonus mixer I obviously don't need remote control, but I do want to include it in ffado-mixer.

I'm still waiting for my PCILynx card to do the async mapping, but any other info that will allow me to try other options via code will be appreciated.....the async functionality will most probably sort out your clock issue as well....

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I have three PreSonus V-Fire interfaces that are almost working with ffado,
and I would be glad to help work out the kinks to add it to the list of (at
least unsupported) devices for ffado.  The V-Fire is a Dice II based
interface with 16 audio i/o and 1 midi i/o.  I added it to the
configuration file and it successfully communicated with all 3 V-Fires
using "ffado-test Discover", correctly listing the number and names of the
audio and midi interfaces.  The main problem is that the ffado dice driver
is having problems finding the clock source names for the V-Fire (probably
"Internal", "RBUS 1" and "RBUS 2"), throwing the error "register
offset+length too large" in the globaloffsetgen routine. I added a line of
code to also display the values of the variables involved and was wondering
if I could send the output from ffado-test to you.  I'd be glad to perform
code modifications myself to help gain the information needed to reverse
engineer the V-Fire to get it working with ffado.  I'm sure PreSonus wants
nothing to do with the V-Fire as they no longer support it (and Roland no
longer supports the RBUS interface which is what is on the other end of the

If you have any thoughts or direction, I'll be glad to do as much of the
work myself so that we can add the results to ffado.  I'm sure there are
other people that would dust off their V-Fires if we can find a way to
drive it from ffado!

Thank you for your consideration.

Marc Douglas

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