Hi all,

I've been off-list for a while, but now getting back into some audio work.  I want to be able to record live jobs, but I have two issues.

First, when I use the ffado-mixer, I get XRUNs.  This wasn't the case with an earlier version of ffado and Linux.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I will try and do some more diagnostics of this later and send more details in a separate email.

Second, controlling the hardware mix buses via the ffado-mixer UI is a little awkward for a live show.  I'd like to use a controller to control these mixes, if possible.

Can/does that work with any equipment now?

Would there be any conflict when using Ardour for the recording?

Does the MIDI data map to the same protocol as the ffado-mixer, in which case I'd be likely to have the XRUNs?

Are there some controllers that work and others that don't, or some that folks on this list would recommend?  I'd like to (this time) buy from someone that is Linux friendly.  Budget is up to US $400.

My firewire device is a MOTU 896HD.  It has 4 internal mix buses.

If the software isn't in place now, I'd be interested in helping develop it.