Hi everyone,

i'm new to the community and would like to say hello to all first !
Im a musician and a freelance visual astist.

I have a motu ultralite mk3 and decided to write to motu once again to remind them of their ignorance ;) 

Dear Motuteam, first of all i would like to say that i love my ultralite. The stability and soundquality is far from what i was used to before . An excellent product. Thanks !!! Unfortunately i found the first downer yesterday. I have to use my ultralite in an interactive performance i made with opensource programms under linux ... after dicovering that there is absolutely no support for linux on the official site i started searching the net as there are always some nice guys on this planet porting the drivers/etc to linux. I have to work in linux for this and sure will be in the future! I found that the ffado project ( is the place to start. Unluckily it seems that the motu ultralite is unknown to work. After some more research i found that motu does not even actively support the development of linux drivers for their excellent products ... "> generally, MOTU has not been cooperative to any open source efforts and > has never disclosed any specs or example code, therefore use of MOTU > products with linux is discouraged - better take your money elsewhere." I somehow felt i had made the wrong decision in buying the ultralite. As an artist the most valueable thing to have is flexability and freedom in choice of your tools. So here is my question. Why would motu reject to help the efford of some voluteers to build a working linux driver support. Why would motu miss out on a free oportunity to get more customers. Searching the net i found that the fact that motu is hostile against linux is common sense. Why would motu like such an image to become well known. I shure understand managing an own linux driver takes some effords. But i would see motu as acompany who can afford those. But here Motu has the oportunity to gain new markets just by providing the firewire protocol of their devices. I also found some guys reverse engeneered drivers for the old motu traveller. Why would motu watch this. Is the communication protocol such a secret? Once again the motu ultralite is a very good Product. Would a bit of free spirit hurt in the image of motu ? After all that's what the whole product is there for. Supporting a free mind to produce wonderful creative stuff. Me and many others would be more than happy if motu would decide to open their minds to freedom for artists. The possibility to make fine art should not be limited by profit of the marketowners in the software industry. Motu could profit of this! After all wouldn't it be a nice feature to have linux support ? I don't see any disadvantages. Do you ? "

Just wanted to let you know this ..

After all i do have a motu ultralite mk3 and a mac ... and a linux box with 3 fw ports ...
so technically i should be able to listen to the protocols ..

If their is any dev that would like to help me with this efford ... help would be greatly apprechiated.
I'm located in the south of germany .. anyone near here ??

So that said.. let's see what motu says and let's start hacking that thing ;) 

Thanks again for all your hard work. !!!!!!!