Hi Robert,

Ive been working on the m-audio audiophile when time permits and I was making progress until I ran into a sort of "brick wall". Sounds somewhat similar to your situation.

I found that setting verbosity to 7 was what did the trick to the audiophile with ffado-test Discover. Maybe an m-audio thing?

What kind of firewire host controller does your computer have? I have a Ricoh R5C832, which ffado wiki says sometimes works, though it is not reliable. After I had enumerated the device, I was beginning to work on the mixer, but (out of curiosity) thought I'd try out the firmware downloader with the -b option ( bootloader is already started). at first I thought i had bricked the device, but it works fine with windows still. but ever since, my linux box can't even communicate with it. So I think it is actually my computer (dell inspiron e1505, 2.6.30-gentoo-r8, with old firewire stack compiled as modules, libffado 2.0-rc2), or maybe my firewire controller specifically. it could be hardware is shoddy, or a configuration issue.

ffado 2 works with new firewire stack, yes? does it work better that way, or is it still being tested?


On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 6:07 AM, Robert Murray <rob@mur.org.uk> wrote:

On Tue, Feb 09, 2010 at 05:28:30PM +0100, Daniel Wagner wrote:
> IRC, the downloader also allows to use '-v 6' to increase the verbosity.
> Could you rerun the downloader with that option and post it here?
I tryed it with -v 6, but it doesn't seam to give any more information about bcd parsing.  Output is below.

I also found an older firmware file from 2005, but it doesn't work either.

Best regards


kk08010675105: Debug (Thread.h)[ 124] setVerboseLevel: (ISOXMT) Setting verbose level to 6...
08010675458: Debug (IsoHandlerManager.cpp)[ 445] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 6...
08010675478: Debug (Thread.h)[ 124] setVerboseLevel: (ISORCV) Setting verbose level to 6...
08010675483: Debug (IsoHandlerManager.cpp)[ 445] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 6...
08010675490: Debug (IsoHandlerManager.cpp)[1143] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 6...
08010675495: Debug (ieee1394service.cpp)[1567] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 6...
08010675235: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[  78] ThreadHandler: (ISORCV) ThreadHandler: start 0x1d7ee00
08010737337: Debug (Thread.h)[ 124] setVerboseLevel: (ISOXMT) Setting verbose level to 6...
08010737452: Debug (IsoHandlerManager.cpp)[ 445] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 6...
08010737471: Debug (Thread.h)[ 124] setVerboseLevel: (ISORCV) Setting verbose level to 6...
08010737571: Debug (IsoHandlerManager.cpp)[ 445] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 6...
08010737586: Debug (IsoHandlerManager.cpp)[1143] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 6...
08010737601: Debug (ieee1394service.cpp)[1567] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 6...
08010858076: Debug (ieee1394service.cpp)[1225] addBusResetHandler: Adding busreset handler (0x1d7f9d0)
08010858129:  (configrom.cpp)[ 583] printConfigRom: Config ROM
08010858137:  (configrom.cpp)[ 584] printConfigRom:     Current Node Id:        1
08010858149:  (configrom.cpp)[ 585] printConfigRom:     GUID:                   0x000D6C0C009998D6
08010858158:  (configrom.cpp)[ 586] printConfigRom:     Vendor Name:            M-Audio
08010858178:  (configrom.cpp)[ 587] printConfigRom:     Model Name:             ProjectMix
08010858185:  (configrom.cpp)[ 588] printConfigRom:     Node Vendor ID:         0x000d6c
08010858197:  (configrom.cpp)[ 589] printConfigRom:     Model Id:               0x00010091
08010858204:  (configrom.cpp)[ 590] printConfigRom:     Unit Specifier ID:      0x00a02d
08010858228:  (configrom.cpp)[ 591] printConfigRom:     Unit version:           0x00014001
08010858236:  (configrom.cpp)[ 592] printConfigRom:     ISO resource manager:   1
08010858248:  (configrom.cpp)[ 593] printConfigRom:     Cycle master capable:   1
08010858283:  (configrom.cpp)[ 594] printConfigRom:     Bus manager capable:    1
08010858297:  (configrom.cpp)[ 595] printConfigRom:     Cycle clock accuracy:   100
08010858310:  (configrom.cpp)[ 596] printConfigRom:     Max rec:                8 (max asy payload: 512 bytes)
08010918498:  [31mError (bebob_dl_bcd.cpp)[ 358] checkHeaderCRC: checkHeaderCRC: CRC check failed, 0x25c1760d expected, 0x492a0268 calculated
 [0m08010918517:  [31mError (bebob_dl_bcd.cpp)[ 180] parse: parse: Header CRC check failed
 [0m08010918530:  [31mError (bebob_dl_mgr.cpp)[ 249] downloadFirmware: downloadFirmware: BCD parsing failed
BridgeCo BeBoB platform firmware downloader
Part of the FFADO project -- www.ffado.org
Version: 2.999.0-1796
(C) 2008, Daniel Wagner, Pieter Palmers
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Info Registers
       Manufactors Id:         bridgeCo
       Protocol Version:       0x00000001
       Bootloader Version:     0x00000000
       GUID:                   0x000d6c0c009998d6
       Hardware Model ID:      0x00010091
       Hardware Revision:      0x00000001
       Software Date:          13.07.2007, 08:05:44
       Software Id:            0x00000000
       Software Version:       0x00000000
       Base Address:           0x20080000
       Max. Image Len:         0x00180000
       Bootloader Date:        14.03.2005, 18:28:45
       Debugger Id:            0x00000000
       Debugger Version:       0x00000000
parse BCD file
Failed to download firmware
08010918682: Debug (ieee1394service.cpp)[1233] remBusResetHandler: Removing busreset handler (0x1d7f9d0)
08010918710: Debug (ieee1394service.cpp)[1240] remBusResetHandler:  found
08010918746: Debug (IsoHandlerManager.cpp)[1080] stopHandlers: enter...
08010918767: Debug (IsoHandlerManager.cpp)[ 936] pruneHandlers: enter...
08010918791: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 190] Stop: (ISOXMT) Stop 0x1d7ebe0 (thread: 0x7f4ecc595910)
08010919172: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[  90] ThreadHandler: (ISOXMT) ThreadHandler: exit 0x1d7ebe0
08010919247: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 197] Stop: (ISOXMT) Stopped 0x1d7ebe0 (thread: (nil))
08010919304: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 190] Stop: (ISORCV) Stop 0x1d7ee00 (thread: 0x7f4ecbd94910)
08010927799: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[  90] ThreadHandler: (ISORCV) ThreadHandler: exit 0x1d7ee00
08010927890: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 197] Stop: (ISORCV) Stopped 0x1d7ee00 (thread: (nil))
08010927927: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 190] Stop: (CTRHLP) Stop 0x1d7e890 (thread: 0x7f4eccd96910)
08011075291: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[  90] ThreadHandler: (CTRHLP) ThreadHandler: exit 0x1d7e890
08011075349: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 197] Stop: (CTRHLP) Stopped 0x1d7e890 (thread: (nil))
08011075380: Debug (ieee1394service.cpp)[1233] remBusResetHandler: Removing busreset handler (0x1d7f000)
08011075388: Debug (ieee1394service.cpp)[1240] remBusResetHandler:  found
08011075421: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 190] Stop: (BUSRST) Stop 0x1d75f00 (thread: 0x7f4ece599910)
08011075446: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[  90] ThreadHandler: (BUSRST) ThreadHandler: exit 0x1d75f00
08011075491: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 197] Stop: (BUSRST) Stopped 0x1d75f00 (thread: (nil))
08011075511: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 190] Stop: (ARMSTD) Stop 0x1d780a0 (thread: 0x7f4ecdd98910)
08011075541: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[  90] ThreadHandler: (ARMSTD) ThreadHandler: exit 0x1d780a0
08011075622: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 197] Stop: (ARMSTD) Stopped 0x1d780a0 (thread: (nil))
08011075650: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 190] Stop: (ARMRT) Stop 0x1d7a260 (thread: 0x7f4ecd597910)
08011075669: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[  90] ThreadHandler: (ARMRT) ThreadHandler: exit 0x1d7a260
08011075738: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 197] Stop: (ARMRT) Stopped 0x1d7a260 (thread: (nil))
08011075769: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 174] Kill: (WDGCHK) Kill 0x1d73b00 (thread: 0x7f4eced9a910)
08011076062: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 180] Kill: (WDGCHK) Killed 0x1d73b00 (thread: 0x7f4eced9a910)
08011076078: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 174] Kill: (WDGHBT) Kill 0x1d73a10 (thread: 0x7f4ecf59b910)
08011076169: Debug (PosixThread.cpp)[ 180] Kill: (WDGHBT) Killed 0x1d73a10 (thread: 0x7f4ecf59b910)
no message buffer overruns

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