On 01/07/2014 07:35 PM, Philippe Carriere wrote:
Hi Ole,

Le mardi 07 janvier 2014 à 18:37 +0100, Ole Bromose a écrit :

I recently installed Ubuntu Studio 13.10 on my laptop (Latitude D630) in 
order to test my new Saffire Pro 40. I can start ffado-dbus-server, 
ffado-mixer, and jack server. But when I start qjackctl, an empty window 
comes up and nothing more happens. I copy the output from dbus-server 
and jack server below. Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds strange since everything look like OK from the ffado viewpoint, at first glance.
Had you a test with Qjackctl and your on-board card (alsa driver) and what happens in that case ?

In this case Qjackctl comes up without problems.



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