Hi Jonathan,
On Tue, Jan 07, 2014 at 04:14:10PM +0400, Michael Malyshev wrote:
But why would I need FFADO installed if my audio card is supported by 
your driver? The reason may be that FFADO already has mixer implemented 
and probably more stable now, but how about future?
Device control (for example, onboard mixers, device settings, routings and
the like) will at this stage continue to be controlled via userspace using
ffado-mixer or something similar.  This is because the firewire devices in
general have complex mixer requirements which are better dealt with in
I understand the intention. However I doubt that accessing device from 2 places independently (driver and user space) is a good idea.
Device control still can be done in user space because of the complexity but through driver, not directly accessing /dev/fw*.
Having one 'access point' we have better control of command flow especially when there are strict requremnts for timings like we have for FW 1814

Once the ALSA streaming drivers stabilise there will be no need to use the
streaming portion of ffado (that is, "jackd -d firewire").  The control
portion (accessed currently with ffado-mixer and ffado-dbus-server), which
incidently operates completely independently of the streaming component,
It is that streaming control and device control 'may' not be so independent
will remain.  At least this is the plan at present.  The details of how this
fits in for specific devices is yet to be determined.
I understand that FW 1814 may be one of the few exceptions, I'm sorry, I do not have good understanding how other devices work and may be current plan is the best approach.