Le 19/11/2012 21:19, Philippe Carriere a écrit :
Le lundi 19 novembre 2012 à 19:30 +0100, Philippe Carriere a écrit :
What seems not to work: the global "Activate Dim", which has no effect, 
whatever the Dim Level is. As a consequence, the GD buttons have no 
effect for any of the six lines.

Ooooops. I mistook in the registers for Pro 24. I correct this as rapidly as possible.

Corrected in last revision 2253.

Yves, can you update and test again ?
Hi Philippe

Sorry for testing so late.

Dim now works for all 6 output channel (Dim level OK, button "Activate Dim" is OK, and buttons "GD" are OK).

But there is something strange with Line/Out 1 and 2: the level is very weak, compared to Line/Out 3 to 6. Iverified all settings (especially the buttons for which there is a very weak contrast between on and off) but I could not find any explanation. I had not observed that with revision before 2253.

Yet another remark: only the upper part of the scale for all the potentiometers can be used, otherwise the sound is totally muted when the cursor is in the lowest half.