Le 04/11/2012 16:47, Philippe Carriere a écrit :
Le dimanche 28 octobre 2012 à 18:23 +0100, Johannes Mueller a écrit :
Philippe Carriere:
> Hi everybody,
> I revisited the Monitor section for Saffire Pro 40. I give an
> instantaneous snapshot of the developments on this page:

>     - the situation is possibly different for Pro 24. I can manage
> either to extend this kind of monitoring section to Pro 24 or keep the
> present state. So please, let me know what you prefer. In any case,
> testing the new version will be needed.

I've been waiting for this for so long, so I would be pleased if you extend it 
to the Pro 24. I have a Pro 24 here and I can do testing and bug reporting.
Feel free to send code for testing.


Hi everybody,

modifications for the new monitoring model have been commited in the trunk as revision 2248. It requires testing especially for Pro 14 and 24, since I have no such devices for testing.

    - update your svn to 2248
    - check compilation and install
Hi Phil

After compilation and installation, when I start ffado-mixer or ffado-test, I get:
Library version mismatch. (required: libffado 2.1.9999-2248, present: libffado 2.999.0-2214)



    - if OK, with your device on, start ffado-dbus-server in a terminal window, then ffado-mixer in another one and check for any strange message as long as you change the settings.
    - for Pro 40 (Delpishtroumpf), you should obtained the same behaviour than me, that is every setting control working. Just recall that Focusrite firmware introduces some temporization in the volume control: so unactivating the soft control, you will have to turn the physical dial (and possibly the dim slider) so as to reach the existing setting before physical dial takes definitively the control.
    - for Pro 14, Tim, as you know, you have to test carefully, the one after the other, each part of the monitoring section and note any mis-behaviour.
    - this also true for Pro 24; I based my encoding according to what was yet existing; but it is easy to introduce some errors ...:-(

Best regards,


Philippe Carriere <la-page-web-of-phil.contact@orange.fr>