This message is for Pieter Palmers.
I sent you a message on the sourceforge page for FFADO. In case that message does not get through, this is the same message:
I believe you've had previous contact with Calvin Banks who is our CS manager here in Irwindale, CA.

The product team here at M-Audio wishes to know what is required by the FFADO project so that the 1394 Audio interfaces can be supported by this project on Linux.

What is needed by your team that does not divulge the internal workings of our driver which is not intended to be released as open source. Do you need signal paths? for connectivity to map to your control panel, etc?

We'd like to find a way that this is workable if that is a viable solution if at all possible.

You can contact me directly at alex.tinsley@avid.com. You can also contact raymond.tantzen@avid.com who is the 1394 Product Manager.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Alex Tinsley

ETS Compatibility Mgr - Avid Audio

5795 Martin Road

Irwindale, CA 91706


626-407-8328 (cell)

626-610-2464 (fax)