Hi Jonathan,

Le lundi 11 novembre 2013 à 09:30 +1030, Jonathan Woithe a écrit :
I think it would be difficult to come up with a reliable way to import 
devices settings into a totally different interface.  Even if both devices
have matrices one can't easily determine in an automated way whether they
are compatible.  Some even have multiple matrix mixers, and choosing the
mapping would be hit and miss.  And some use matrix controls for controls
which are not a traditional matrix fader-based mixer.

My view is that at least initially we shouldn't permit the restoration of
mixer data from one device type to another.

Yes; as I tried to do something for RME, I realized that importing from a device to another one is not so evident.
Probably, importing from an EAP device to another EAP one could be quite easily  feasible because they are based on the same chip and so share a lot of settings.
But for devices with different hardware (even a Dice II to a DICE EAP, for instance), it will be very difficult and unsure.

> This is an "extension"; not sure I will implement it soon :-)

Understood - I think that it's definitely not something we need to concern
ourselves with at this stage.  To support this we'd have to come up with
some way of tagging controls to help the system identify compatible

Yes, and it was part of my previous questions; the chosen names for the tags should be sufficiently clear (and a little bit "unique") when such import functions could be introduced. Typically, I introduced some tag names specific to the RME device, but it is of course just a draft: feel absolutely free to introduce different tag names.

Note that I tried not to obviate import feature in the functions at lowest level; but of course, I cannot guarantee anything.
By the way, care when you will test for RME and a have a detailed look to the file produced by ffado-mixer saving first :-). Possibly, since I disabled the Open/Save_as functionality by default, you won't have access to it at all before  introducing your own corrections ! :-)



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