Hi Jonathan,

in times I am tired to track the 96kHz bug with Pro 40 (I will send you another email later), I began to develop something for file saving of ffado-mixer controls setting. Before going on further, I would like your opinion. Presently (devel are restricted to globalmixer and router), I save settings data in an xml file like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  FFADO 2.1.9999
    5 (Internal)
    1 (48000)
      58 2
      1394/Out:01 Mic/Lin/Inst:01
      1394/Out:02 Mic/Lin/Inst:02
      1394/Out:03 Mic/Lin/In:03
      1394/Out:04 Mic/Lin/In:04
      1394/Out:05 Mic/Lin/In:05

As it would be better not to change radically in some future, it would be nice to plan an almost definitive scheme for such a file. This include of course the kind of file (xml ?), and the tag naming (including my poor english ability). Possibly, tag names like <device:nickname>, <device:router:connections> and so on would be better ?



Philippe Carriere <la-page-web-of-phil.contact@orange.fr>