Hi Jonathan,

sorry for delay, I was on vacations last two weeks with no easy web connexions,  and life became instantaneously busy right after :-)

Le vendredi 12 juillet 2013 à 20:34 +0930, Jonathan Woithe a écrit :
Hi Phil

Have you had any further thoughts regarding the future work needed on the
matrix mixer we discussed a few weeks ago?

I ask because I am wondering about the potential timing of a FFADO version
2.2.  It would be ideal if a few of the loose edges at least were tidied up
for that, but obviously the feasibility of this depends on how much time you
have over the next little while.  I am conscious of the fact that the fixes
we were discussing will involve a fair amount of work.

OK, version 2.2 is a good idea since a lot of new features and support has been provided this year.
So, I will focus on the few points which require some fix, implementing on the existing with no major changes.
More fundamental changes, if required, will be postponed to the next 2.3 (in 2014 ...:-).
I should have more times during the first three weeks of August, and hopefully be able to do so.

To reiterate, I think the matrix mixer at the lowest level needs to retain
the notion of rows and columns so it can be used for more than just
input-output matrices.  A derived widget class could contain the per-output
functionality, and could impose a particular convention for whether rows or
columns represented inputs - so long as the widget gained the ability to
flick the matrix view around between columns-as-input and rows-as-input
modes, which I understand was your intention [1].  This would enable the code
simplifications that you spoke about while retaining the generic nature in
the underlying structure.
Yes, I understood that you need something which more generally could be called a "matrix controls" widget, with maximal degrees of flexibility for the developer. Ideally, "matrix mixer" itself would be a call to this "matrix controls" with just its own specific settings. However, this will require much works and tests, so, as I said previously, I will probably postpone them for version 2.3.

Please let me know what you think at your convenience.


Best regards,

Philippe Carriere <la-page-web-of-phil.contact@orange.fr>