Hi Theo,

it was a long time I haven't  heared from you. Did you finally solve, at least partly, your xruns problem with Liquid Saffire 56 ?

As another matter of interest, I think it would be nice to customize mixer/router for this device, as well as giving access to the monitoring part (but for the latter, I will need information from Focusrite devel team - they sent me informations for Pro 14, some months ago, hope they will do the same for saffire 56).

Then I need you, or somebody owning the device, send me the outputs of test-dice-eap (they are somewhat lengthy, so output to files and send me the file possibly directly to me), I mean with saffire powered at 48 (or 44.1) kHz, run

    $ test-dice-eap -c 1 --port=fw1 >& saffire_56_test-dice-eap_48.log
    $ test-dice-eap -c 1 -a --port=fw1 >& saffire_56_test-dice-eap_48-a.log

and similarly at 96 (or 88.2) kHz (only one jackd start at such samplerate is required, even if failing). Then send me the logs.

Best regards,


Philippe Carriere <la-page-web-of-phil.contact@orange.fr>