Le samedi 01 décembre 2012 à 16:39 +0100, Bent Bisballe Nyeng a écrit :
Hi Phil
Hi Bent,

firestudio project mixer/router specific support has been committed as revision 2258 of the trunk.
Of course, it is compilation checked only, and you will have to carefully test this revision.

Once updated and compiled (check for any strange message during compilation), open ffado-mixer and before modifying anything, have a look to the mixer section and to the router section and check that everything looks like what you are expecting as input/output for your device.

Also check for jack input and output (for my own, I use qjackctl).

If everything you see seems to agree, then you can test one (and only one) modification in the routing (typically route some firewire channel in your last analogic output). If it works, then continue, ....
Note that, classically, it is useless to change the settings for the 1394:01 to 1394:10 destinations: better to let them routed as they are (analogic + spdif inputs as sources).

Best regards,


I have two daisy-chained FSPs but unfortunately no windows and or mac
OSX computer.
I am runnig the latest ffado-svn (revisin 2256).
I have attached the resulting four log files as you described but
without any alterations bewteen the initial and '-a' runs.

The actual commands I used were:
test-dice-eap -c 1 --port=fw1 -n1 >& \
test-dice-eap -c 1 --port=fw1 -n2 >& \
test-dice-eap -a -c 1 --port=fw1 -n2 >& \
test-dice-eap -a -c 1 --port=fw1 -n1 >& \

I these are completely worthless without the win32/osx modifications I
will try and see if I can borrow such a computer in the near future.

Kind regards
Bent Bisballe Nyeng

On 12/01/12 15:56, Philippe Carriere wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> now that Focusrite Saffire Pro 14/24/40, Presonus Firestudio Tube and,
> thanks to Jano, Maudio Profire 2626 have customized rather than
> automatic (and thus not well adapted) mixer/router configuration, if
> some (at least one) Presonus Firestudio Project user are interested, I
> could encode it, provided I have some information and somebody to make
> some elementary testing (and provided that Presonus did not prevent
> anything in that sense for this particular device; and some time to do
> it :-).
> The information required are obtained doing the following:
>     - first check that the command line
>         $ test-dice-eap -c 1 --port=fw1
>     does not return an error. In any case, send me the output; for
> instance, run again the command with a redirection of standart output:
>         $ test-dice-eap -c 1 --port=fw1 >&
> test-dice-eap_firestudio-project.log
>     If no errors occur, then
>     - if you have such a possibility, under Windows/Mac OS, set your
> device such that all the "DAW" outputs are routed somewhere (for
> instance using the mixer inputs). If not, there will be some missing
> informations, but you can still do the next.
>     - Then, reboot under Linux and do the command line (do not forgot
> the additional "-a" option):
>         $ test-dice-eap -c 1 -a --port=fw1 >&
> test-dice-eap-a_firestudio-project.log
>     and send me the log files.
> Regards,
> Phil

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