Le mercredi 07 novembre 2012 à 22:46 +0100, Yves Grenier a écrit :
Le 06/11/2012 00:49, Jonathan Woithe a écrit :
> Hi Yves
Hi Yves,

>> After compilation and installation, when I start ffado-mixer or
>> ffado-test, I get:
>> Library version mismatch. (required: libffado 2.1.9999-2248,
>> present: libffado 2.999.0-2214)
> This sounds like you have two different libffado.so* files installed: the
> new one (r2248) and the old.  This is likely to be due to the bump in the
> library version number.  This changes the libffado.so* filename so the new
> revision will not overwrite the old.
> To fix this, check out
>    ls -l /usr/local/lib/libffado.so*
> You'll probably find two shared libraries (in amongst a number of symlinks).
> Identify the older one (corresponding to libffado 2.999.0-2214) and delete
> it.  Then run ldconfig.  Once this has been done you should find the problem
> with ffado-test has been resolved.
Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for the advice, it worked.

Hi Philippe,

Now ffado-mixer can be executed, without errors. I verified that the 
sliders on the monitoring page work as expected, but I have not tested 
anything else. I hope to perform more complete tests, next week end.

OK. Let me know at that time if anything goes wrong. Apparently, Tim obtained a satisfying behaviour for Pro 14.



Best regards,


Philippe Carriere <la-page-web-of-phil.contact@orange.fr>