Hi everybody,

I revisited the Monitor section for Saffire Pro 40. I give an instantaneous snapshot of the developments on this page:


Focusrite support provided the required information for Pro 14, I will soon implement for it.

Now, including these devel in FFADO requires some further works, since all Saffire Pro devices (14, 24, 40) are involved; and to save time, I need to know the users position (referring to the present situation), especially the one of Pro 24 users.

    - Monitor section is presently non-existent for Pro 14, so there is no problem, I think (Tim ?)

    - Monitor section only very partially works for Pro 40, I doubt somebody would like to stay in the present state.

    - the situation is possibly different for Pro 24. I can manage either to extend this kind of monitoring section to Pro 24 or keep the present state. So please, let me know what you prefer. In any case,  testing the new version will be needed.

Best regards,

Philippe Carriere <la-page-web-of-phil.contact@orange.fr>