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Hi Philippe,

Hi Ludovic,

Thanks, my device is a TC Electronic Konnekt 24D.

Here come what you asked me, compile with the ffado-svn from today on ubuntu 12.04 :

$ test-dice-eap -c 1 --port=fw1
01394402092: Error (configrom.cpp)[ 150] initialize: Could not parse config rom of node 1 on port 0
01394516163: Error (dice_avdevice.cpp)[1653] readReg: Could not read from node 0xFFC0 addr 0xFFFFE0200000
These are bad news for Konnect 24D, in the view of mixer/router ffado support. The previous address is the beginning of the memory space allocated for "EAP" (Extended Application Protocol) in the rom.
A few words for making things clearer (other peoples from the list are welcome to correct or complement what follows).

TC Electronics is a chip manufacturer; it produces the so-called DICE chip which are used by several audio devices manufacturers (including TC itself). Some years ago they produced the DICE II chip and, a little bit later, two other chips derived from it, the DICE Jr and the DICE mini; the latters have some different features and, for the matter of interest here, they possess hardware mixer and router which can be configured using EAP, a protocol ffado handles with; only some complementary encoding specific to a given device is required.

The protocol for DICE II, more precisely for using its DSP, is unknown, there was a discussion about this on www.ffado.org (about Konnect 24D). So except if TC would finally deliver the informations, and if there is a guy to do the job, I do not see any solution (except finding a specially brilliant reverse-engineer owning such a device). From the documentation I read, no EAP or something equivalent exists for DICE II.

Coming back to the origin of the discussion, apparently a user reported that ffado-mixer works for Impact Twin; thus the question is: does the Impact Twin use a DICE Jr or mini? Running test-dice-eap would give an answer (as for many other DICE devices).
Browsing the Web is confusing because manufacturers most often refer to DICE II "technology" (Presonus, Focusrite among others) because the basis of the chip is effectively this one while at least some devices (Focusrite) indeed use a DICE Jr.

Sorry not being able to help you.
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