Le lundi 01 octobre 2012 à 09:24 +0930, Jonathan Woithe a écrit :
Hi Phil

Hi Jonathan,

Sorry about missing your name off the end of the commit message in r2238: my
fingers slipped and it "enter" at the wrong time.

Do not worry; essentially I mimicked the encoding of what was yet present in dice_avdevice.cpp, so it was not a so big effort from my side.
The story is that I wrote something close to the present encoding (without the big/little endian swap I was not thinking about) for the three devices and, as I was ready to send you the patches, I suddenly remembered I did'nt have a look to the generic dice case; then I discovered that it is nicely encoded and preferred stick at it.
Note that there are many duplicated lines so probably unifying somewhere would be fair; but I had no time to search at which level unifying is desirable (dice/dice-eap/focusrite-eap, ...).




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