Dear Fez Community,

First of all, thank you for helping me with my previous request.
I have 3 small questions I hope someone can answer or point me to relevant documentation:

1. How to give a user (non-admin) rights to edit/create records?
I created a Fez User account, for example testuser.
In the collection security settings I select testuser at Fez User(s): for all actions (starting with Creator), except the first two: Lister/viewer.
Now when I log in as testuser, I still can’t create or edit records in the collection.
I get this error:
Error: No workflows defined for Create
This is Create for iss:7
Is there a setting I am missing?

2. How to add or remove fields from a document type?
For example, if I want to remove the “Phonetic title” field in my Working paper form. How do I remove this field (non DC required).

And, how do I add a new field to a document type, for example "Running time in minutes" (for a video)?

3. Is there a setting on record level to indicate: please don’t harvest this record?
We want only our records with a full text document to be harvested. How can we realise this? Is there a setting on record level or a configuration setting?

Kind regards
Peter van Helden
Institute of Social Studies

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