Thanks for the contribution Kai,

Lachlan committed this to trunk today.


On 8/27/07, Jauslin Kai <> wrote:

Hello Fez developers,


I adjusted the manual CV XML import process to deal with external ids. This makes it possible to import whole child hierarchies, without knowing any internal ids. Also, internal and external ids can be mixed in the xml (although there seems to be limited use for this). Important for the importer is to make sure, that external ids are unique in the system.


Attached you find the changed files. I suggest to add them to the trunk.


Cheers, Kai

(1)    /templates/en/import_controlled_vocab.tpl.html

(2)    /manage/import_controlled_vocab.php



Kai Jauslin, Dipl. Informatik-Ing. ETH, ETH Zürich, ETH-Bibliothek, Rämistrasse 101, CH-8092 Zürich, Tel +41-44-6324972 , Büro STB F19


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