Hello All,


Luis I’m guessing your issue may be that there is a missing column in one of the tables that wasn’t created by one of the upgrade scripts (because I think this happened for me at one point). You may wish to determine which SQL is being run and then check the SQL and make sure the columns exist. It may be as simple as an alter table command via SQL.

Dimitris, my code for login.php line 93 – 99 has the function:

function getLoginHostName($string)
So if the code you have has a function named getHostName you may may wish to get a later copy or at the very least try a string replace of “getHostName” to “getLoginHostName” as it may clash with a PHP pre defined function name.


I could be totally off on both of these but that’s the best I can think of at the moment.



From: Luis Zorita [mailto:lzorita@pas.uned.es]
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Hi everybody:
Currently we use the 1.2.version And I would like to migrate to fez2.1 RC3 version
The first step of setup works fine, but hen I try the login.php I get a blank screen, with no errors.
Our OS is opensuse11.4.
I don´t know if this issue is related with this fatala error.
And of course any suggestion welcome.
Luis Zorita

El 03/05/2011 12:34, Dimitris Panteleakis escribió:

Helo Fez Devek\lopers nad Users,
I have just installed the latest version of Fez on a windows XP machine with xapp installed.
I have succefuuly completed the installation process, but after this i always get the "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getHostName() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wwwfiles\login.php on line 99"
Please help.....THX