I get an error in the sanity-check which i donīt understand.


The error is as follows:


Failed: Fedora Direct FEDORA_DB_DATABASE_NAME = 'fedora22' Failed to use DB. Check that the specified database user has permissions on the Fedora database. Check that the database password is correct. Check that database name is set correctly. DB Error: DB Error: insufficient permissions use fedora22 [nativecode=1044 ** Access denied for user 'fezuser'@'localhost' to database 'fedora22']


We are running Fez and Fedora on different servers and the credentials given in the Fedora section (fedorauser) of the Fez setup is sufficient.

The error message indicates that it is the ‘fezuser’ that is denied access which I guess is correct, but why should the ‘fezuser’ try to access the fedora database when I supply credentials for the ‘fedorauser’ in the fedora section of the setup? Do I have to give the ‘fezuser’ access to the fedora database or is this error an indication of something else?? Or am I missing something…..