Matt –

Would you be so kind as to update the “Add-ons, Plug-ins and Integrations” wiki page with your work ( I suppose this and the DROID work you’ve done as well ).


Anyway, very cool stuff!




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Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 4:38 PM
Subject: [Fez-developers] Versioning functionality


Hi all,

For your interest, I've successfully got functionality working to view previous versions of records. As the version dates are on a datastream as opposed to a record level, the list of version dates is compiled from the dates of the individual datastreams in a record. This is then collated and displayed to the administrator as a picklist.

As atomic operations in Fez may result in non-atomic operations on Fedora, often simple operations result in a number of timestamps, each corresponding to a datastream. As a workaround, I've filtered the list to remove entries that are closer than 10 seconds apart and provided an additional picklist to allow the administrator to select the full list if desired.

I did experiment with running a discrete fourier transform over the list to more accurately determine the average/maximum time between timestamps on datastreams, but then I realised I had no idea what I was doing so stopped. ;)

Happy to provide code to anyone who wants it. Screenshot attached (if attachments indeed work on these mailing lists)



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