Hi Abhishek

Take a look at simple_list_form.tpl.html. The rek_author is an array, so it needs to be looped through just like $list[i].

simple_list_form.tpl.html has a loop through rek_author you could copy/paste and modify to your needs.


On 7/12/09 6:07 PM, "Abhishek Singh" <aks@asingh.com.np> wrote:

Dear All,
              I'm using fez version 2.0rc1. I was doing some modifications to the templates/<lang>/list_form.tpl.html. I needed to replace {$list[i].rek_citation}. Actually I want to have the individual lists of items inside a community in the format

<br />
<i>Author: {Author_Name}</i>

The modification works well, but I'm unable to get the author's name. I tried {$list[i].rek_author}, {$list[i].rek_author[0]}, {$list[i].record_author}, but none of them worked. Also i tried with the following code snippet:

<br />
{if $list[i].rek_author}
    <i>Author: {"my author"}</i>
    <i>No authors.</i>

Now I get "No authors" for every book. This seem to mean that no author is assigned to the "$list[i]" array. To the irony, when I used the default {$list[i].rek_citation] it properly returns the author's name. Am I doing anything wrong? Please provide me some insight.

Thank You.

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