Hi Joe

We have some saved sql queries as sql views that internally we give select access to for some repository manager people in the library. They use sqlyog to access them via a mysql slave database.

At the university level we provide some other views out to 3 different feeds that download the content in those views nightly. One of them is into a central university datawarehouse system (Business Objects – like crystal reports)
where they run their own ad-hoc queries through that interface.

For those 4 you mention they seem like repository manager level reports which we would cover with sql views or allow the managers to run their own queries on the slave database with the sqlyog enterprise query builder (its like MS Access).

For common queries we’d just save them as view they can look at anytime.

I like the look of PDI Kettle and what Peter has done with it for ERA as well.

All of those except for the report on broken urls could be done with sql queries (maybe saved as a view). The broken url would probably need a simple script (eg a php script) to query the fez_record_search_key_link table, use curl to check the status of each link, and save the results out to a log to be emailed or saved to a new sql table. If you write one we’d love to have it contributed back into the Fez trunk.

For the list of work added by a user etc you could use the fez_premis_event table. The counts between dates is simply the fez_record_search_key table data. The security report is a little more complicated as it requires more detailed knowledge of the fez_auth prefixed set of tables but should be easy to figure out if you look at the data in those tables a little closer.


On 5/08/09 10:22 AM, "Joseph Heaphey" <joseph.heaphey@deakin.edu.au> wrote:

Hi all,
Has anyone done any work on regular reports for fez/fedora (whether as part of fez or using other tools)?  Here are some examples:
·        report of security set on objects (e.g. whether it inherits security from parent, who can see it, edit it, etc.)

·        list of work added or amended by a specific user between specific dates

·        count and list of objects added between specific dates

·        report of broken urls.  

So far we have just done ad hoc reporting (using various combinations of SQL, perl, xslt, and php), at times using the fez database and at other times having to pull data from fedora.  Ideally, we would like a way for at least some of these reports to be run by non-technical staff. Does anyone have any experience with this or ideas about it?

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