Hi Kevin,

Try using the real hostname and/or the ip in the fedora.fcfg (then restart fedora) and in the fez connection config to fedora.

Try connecting to that url from the box itself eg with lynx or wget.


On 13/05/09 11:41 PM, "Kevin_Bowrin" <Kevin_Bowrin@carleton.ca> wrote:

Hello Again,
First off, wanted to thank Christiaan and Lynette for responding to my earlier problem so quickly.
I have one more problem when running the sanity check, the good old:
ConnectHTTP  APP_BASE_FEDORA_APIM_DOMAIN   = 'http://fedoraAdmin:password@localhost:8080/fedora'  HTTP Result 401 code
-The enforce mode is set to “Permit-all-requests” (in fedora.fcfg)
-When I use the url http://fedoraAdmin:password@localhost:8080/fedora in my browser, I receive the AXIS service screen.
-Server setup is set to “no-ssl-authenticate-all”
When setting up fedora, does it matter if “Authentication requirement for API-A” is set to true or false?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
Kevin Bowrin

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