Hi Geoff

Something about how PHP handles global variables has changed in 5.2.8.

For some reason syntax like this does not work anymore:

$db_api =& new DB_API;

So if you open fez/include/db_access.php and change that line to this it works:

$db_api = new DB_API;
$GLOBALS['db_api'] = $db_api;

I’ve tried hard to research what might have caused this change but I havent found anything yet. Seems odd. Eventum (which is what a lot of fez reuses code from still uses the old way but I havent seen anyone complain in their mailing lists yet.

Anyway this is a good workaround for now, and if it proves fine it’ll be in 2.1 RC3 as well.


On 22/01/09 10:50 AM, "Christiaan Kortekaas" <c.kortekaas@library.uq.edu.au> wrote:

Thanks Geoff

I think Lachlan is going to look at this by installing 5.2.8 on his Win XP Fez. Nothing else obvious springs to my mind.


On 22/01/09 10:47 AM, "Geoffrey Cleave" <geoffrey.cleave@deakin.edu.au> wrote:

Hi Christiaan,
There is nothing in error_handler.log. The message is logged in the apache error log, but there is no further information in there.
I had register_globals = Off in php.ini  for both 5.2.6 and 5.2.8
With register_globals = On  the error still occurs with 5.2.8  (and no error with 5.2.6)

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Hi Geoff

Is there anything else related in your error_handler.log?

Is your php.ini variable ‘register_globals’ = On in each different version? Or is the php.ini the same in both?

I’m pretty sure we still need register_globals = On but perhaps php5.2.8 sets it to off by default these days.


On 22/01/09 9:35 AM, "Geoffrey Cleave" <geoffrey.cleave@deakin.edu.au> wrote:
While trying  a fresh install of Fez2.1RC2  I had  PHP5.2.8 installed (using Windows XP)
I get the following error
Fatal error: Call to a member function escapeSimple() on a non-object
In class.misc.php on line 842
When I use PHP5.2.6 there is no problem.
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