Hi Bernadette

The ListRecords etc functions already accept ‘set’ as a collection eg in the code:

        } elseif (!empty($set)) {
                        if ($setType == "isMemberOf") {
                                $filter["searchKey".Search_Key::getID("isMemberOf")] = $set;
                        } else {
                                $filter["searchKey".Search_Key::getID("Subject")] = $set;

So with a couple of extra lines in there to check if the object type is a community and therefore set the filter to be all isMemberOf all the collections in that community that might be the best solution. What do you think?


On 7/11/08 10:01 AM, "Bernadette Houghton" <bernadette.houghton@deakin.edu.au> wrote:

Dear all, we’ve just set up our repo to be harvested by ARROW (Australian uni repos). ARROW harvests on an “inclusive” model; that is, it can either harvest everything public OR harvest specific sets/collections. It is unable to exclude sets/collections from harvesting.
Fez communities – as opposed to collections - can’t currently be harvested as such. Our Fez structure is based on 2 main communities – research stuff and photograph archives; lots and lots of collections come under “research stuff”, and only two under “photo archives”.  Since it is unpractical for us to list all the research collections that ARROW can harvest, and ARROW can’t work on an “everything except A and B” basis, it means we have to let ARROW harvest our photo archive, even though we’d rather not.
One way to solve the issue would be for  Fez to support communities as sets. But my question is – how common is ARROW’s inclusive harvesting model? Do other harvesters work on a similar basis?
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