Hi All

I have returned from Open Repositories 2008 and from 5 weeks of vacation/holiday. While I was away we were a little less able to answer some of the fez email lists queries, but we hope to catch up on those within the next couple of weeks. One of the things we will be looking at in the next few weeks is opening up our Eventum based issues log to public read access for our fez development sub project which will provide a better look at our current team priorities and progress. We’d like to get the Solr tested a little more before we do the next Fez release (which is probably too far advanced from Fez 2 RC1 to be called RC2..).

It was great to meet some of you at OR08 and put faces to names. Some OR08 links:

My presentation: http://pubs.or08.ecs.soton.ac.uk/130/
(which reminds me to also put it into UQ eSpace)


http://or08.crowdvine.com/ - facebook for conferences :)

The conference was quite interesting – especially many of the fedora user group presentations. In the Fez team we are most excited about the Fedora Akubra project and the possibilities a Oracle/Berkley/Sleepycat DBXML based Fedora storage engine for XML content. This would allow us to use XQUERY and XQUERYUPDATE to do bulk changes to fedora objects and perform better queries directly to the Fedora FOXML objects among other things.

All the conference presentations are now available so I encourage you have a look when you get the chance.


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