On 3/8/07 12:54 AM, "Jauslin  Kai" <kai.jauslin@library.ethz.ch> wrote:
I wonder whether anything can be done about the 2.5 seconds or if that’s “by design”. I’m not yet enough into Fez to rewrite the query myself. What steps could be done to get those 2.5 seconds to less than half a second (which it should actually be) ? Optimize the query or optimize MySQL structures?

I am doing both of these now. The new fez sql index structure will be much simpler and much faster. Instead of 1 table for all the rdf-like relationships, it will have one central table for all the pid 1->1 relationships and one table for each of the 1->many search key relationships. This will be a much better structure for speed and scalability and is much like the Fedora 2.2 MPTStore.

I have not committed this to the trunk yet, but plan to within the next week.


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