I’m not sure if I’m having a problem with the XSD HTML editor or if I am using it wrong.


I’m trying to clone an XSD  (Book) and am following the guide here (which is a bit more descriptive than the wiki): http://adrresources.coalliance.org/wiki/index.php/Cloning_XSDs


I’ve come across a couple of problems:


1)      An error in the class.xsd_html_match.php

a.       Christiaan fixed some of the issue there, but there appears to be more instances of the column names quoted inside the SQL statements. This was breaking the clone function. On my local code I’ve removed the quotes and the cloning works fine now.

2)      Editing fields in the XSD HTML matching editor.

a.       I clone the 3 Book elements via the Admin interface (Fedora OXML: Book, MODS: Book and OAI DC:Book).

b.      When I try to associate the new elements together it is not behaving as I expected. Looking at the left hand panel, I can see that digitalObject\objectProperties\property\VALUE has an XSDMF ID Reference since there is the appropriate icon. If I click on this icon the right hand panel does not update i.e. the panel refreshes, but the XSDMF ID Reference radio button is not selected.

c.       I then create a new XSD element of type XSDMF ID Reference and direct it to my MODS  item, following the instructions from the link before.

d.      Once I refresh the left panel I now see that there are 2 icons for XSDMF ID References, clicking of either of them yields no results.


I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if something is broken in my install. I’m running code from the default repo, updated as of this afternoon. Any pointers would be appreciated.