I am a little confused as to how the citation views relate to the browse view and how they are styled.


I have created a test community and collection which only contains Book elements. I have ingested the items into Fedora and then indexed them via Fez. They are all added with no problem, but when I browse to the specific collection all that is displayed is the publication year of the object.


Through some troubleshooting I noticed that I could update the Citation View for the object type and it would display the title of the object. Unfortunately it would only display the title, no matter what else I would include in the citation view setting for the object.


I guess my real question is how do citation views relate to the browse styles/views. I have tried clearing the citation cache and converting from the old style citations.


I am running Fez based off the ‘tip’ tag from about 1 week ago.


Any pointers appreciated.