Thank you Christian. I will be trying out this approach today. I will let you know if I hit any walls.




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Hi Conor


Apologies this hasn't been documented.


You need to create a new directory with the same ID as the custom view id as the folder name e.g. /var/www/fez/templates/en/1


Inside there you put any templates you want to override the default one e.g. For in that dir we have:


banner.tpl.html      gallery_list.tpl.html  navigation.tpl.html  view_form.tpl.html

front_page.tpl.html  list_form.tpl.html     page.tpl.html        view.tpl.html


Then in your apache or nginx config you need to add rewrites that include the custom view pid like this for nginx:



if ($host = '') {

        rewrite     ^/collection/([A-Za-z]+):([0-9]+)$                   /list.php?custom_view_pid=UQ:3682&collection_pid=$1:$2;

        rewrite     ^/collection/([A-Za-z]+):([0-9]+)/(.+)$              /list.php?custom_view_pid=UQ:3682&collection_pid=$1:$2&$3;

        rewrite     ^/community/([A-Za-z]+):([0-9]+)$                   /;

        rewrite     ^/community/([A-Za-z]+):([0-9]+)/(.+)$              /;

        rewrite     ^/view/([A-Za-z]+):([0-9]+)(\?.*)*$                  /view.php?custom_view_pid=UQ:3682&pid=$1:$2$3;

        rewrite     ^/list/([^/]*)/([^/]*)(/?)$                          /list.php?custom_view_pid=UQ:3682&browse=$1&value=$2;

        rewrite     ^/list/(.*)$                                         /list.php?custom_view_pid=UQ:3682&$1;

        rewrite     ^/favourites(/?)(.*)$                                /list.php?browse=favourites&custom_view_pid=UQ:3682&$2;

        rewrite     ^/eserv/([A-Za-z]+):([0-9]+)/(.+)(/.+)*$             /eserv.php?pid=$1:$2&dsID=$3$4 last;

        rewrite     ^/stream/([A-Za-z]+):([0-9]+)/(.+)(/.+)*$             /eserv.php?pid=$1:$2&stream=1&dsID=$3$4;

        rewrite     ^/js/(.*).js$                                            /min.php?js/$1.js;

        rewrite     ^/index.php$                                         /index.php?custom_view_pid=UQ:3682&community_pid=UQ:3682 last;

        rewrite     ^/(.*)$                                              /$1?custom_view_pid=UQ:3682  last;



Or like this for apache:


And setup your apache/nginx to add the extra hostname to your vhost config.








From: "McTernan, Conor" <>
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Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 02:26:54 +0000
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Subject: [Fez-users] Custom Views


I seem to be having some trouble understanding how to implement Custom Views.


I have searched through the wiki, but have been unable to find any explanation as to how to use or set them up.


I am assuming that you need to create the custom view, defining which keys should be displayed in this view, and then assign the view to a community.


It’s here where I am having trouble, since I cannot seem to figure out how to actually see this view once assigned to the community.


Are there any resources on the wiki or in the list archives? I’ve tried searching for “custom view” in both locations but have been unable to find anything.





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