Hi Leire
Neither JHOVE nor ImageMagick support DefFax files and it is surprising that Fez thinks they are tiffs. We haven't thought about storing DefFax files in Fez
before because it is a proprietry format, and Fez is focused on non-proprietry or 'open' formats (and so is JHOVE) for preservation's sake.
The problem is more that Fez seems to think that these files (*.fff) are Tiff files when they are not. Fez should treat these files as generic files and not try
to run thumbnail/preview/web/jhove workflows on them.
During ingest fez gets the mimetype from the HTTP_POST_FILES['MIME_TYPE'] so it is probable that the post value is coming into Fez with the wrong value. We will aim to change this in the future to use CURL to get the mimetype which should be more accurate (although we haven't had this problem before). This is currently done in class.misc.php in Misc::getDatastreamXMLHeaders, so that is where we would make it use CURL isntead of HTTP_POST_FILES data.
If you are adventurous you could write your own workflow (like thumbnail etc) that gets triggered on *.fff or Photoshop (PSD) files and converts them into a Tiff, and then runs thumbnail/preview/web/jhove
on that Tiff. So then you would have the best archival storage of the image including the original copy. I'm not sure if ImageMagick can convert
PSD files of defFax to Tiff although if it can't there is probably a similar free/opensource tool that can.
JHOVE has modules for the following filetypes:
These filetypes are the only ones Fez will support for running preservation workflows. The image types in there are probably the only ones that Fez will support for thumbnail etc
conversions, with a preference for Tiff as this is what the Library of Congress recommends for best preservation: http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/formats/content/still_preferences.shtml
Although it looks like perhaps preservation and archival is not your priority?
I hope that helps you!


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This problem is produced because the original file is composed by several layers and the convert command generates an output file for each layer.


It can be fixed specifying to the convert command to take the first layer, which is done adding ‘[0]’ to the original image name, as shown in the following line [file wfb.image_resize.php] :


$command = escapeshellcmd(APP_CONVERT_CMD)." -resize \"".escapeshellcmd($width)."x".escapeshellcmd($height).">\" ".$image_dir.escapeshellcmd($image)."[0] ".APP_TEMP_DIR.escapeshellcmd($temp_file);




Leire Urcelay


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I’m trying to upload defFax images (file extension: fff) using Fez. 


Jhove recognises this kind of images and sets “image/tiff” as Mime type but I can see the following messages in the Preservation Metadata file:



  <message offset="36415650" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 34152</message>

  <message offset="398" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 46275</message>

  <message offset="36215586" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 46277</message>

  <message offset="8" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 46279</message>

  <message offset="33456598" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 46281</message>

  <message offset="35815586" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 50457</message>

  <message offset="35545580" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 50458</message>

  <message offset="37803464" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 340</message>



Then, when generating thumbnail, preview and web versions of the image I’ve got the following errors:


[Mon Nov 20 12:47:45 2006] Found error 'File not created c:/temp/thumbnail_DUB_P_0015.jpg<br/>' on line '89' of script 'C:\ApacheGroup\Apache2\htdocs\fez\workflow\thumbnail.php' on page '/fez/workflow/enter_metadata.php'.


[Mon Nov 20 12:47:46 2006] Found error 'File not created c:/temp/preview_DUB_P_0015.jpg<br/>' on line '89' of script 'C:\ApacheGroup\Apache2\htdocs\fez\workflow\thumbnail.php' on page '/fez/workflow/enter_metadata.php'.


[Mon Nov 20 12:47:47 2006] Found error 'File not created c:/temp/web_DUB_P_0015.jpg<br/>' on line '89' of script 'C:\ApacheGroup\Apache2\htdocs\fez\workflow\thumbnail.php' on page '/fez/workflow/enter_metadata.php'.


If I go to the temporary directory, the files thumbnail_DUB_P_0015.jpg , preview_DUB_P_0015.jpg  and web_DUB_P_0015.jpg are not created.  However, the following ones are created: thumbnail_DUB_P_0015-0.jpg, thumbnail_DUB_P_0015-1.jpg, thumbnail_DUB_P_0015-2.jpg, preview_DUB_P_0015-0.jpg, preview_DUB_P_0015-1.jpg, preview_DUB_P_0015-2.jpg, web_DUB_P_0015-0.jpg, web_DUB_P_0015-1.jpg, web_DUB_P_0015-2.jpg.


I don’t understand very well what is happening…


Has somebody else found similar problems?  Any help is welcome!


Leire Urcelay