Hi All,
I am having problems with a new Fez 2.0 install.  I can't see anything on the archives so am hoping that someone here can help me.
After installing Fez the sanity check gives the following message: 
Failed: ConnectHTTP APP_FEDORA_ACCESS_API = 'https://143.xxx.xxx.xxx:8443/fedora/services/access' HTTP Result 401 code.
When I paste the code into a browser I get the following message:  "Hi there, this is an AXIS service!"  Is this what is expected or should there be a FEDORA screen of some sort? 
Server setup:
SUSE 10.3
FEDORA 2.2.1
Fez 2.0
enforce mode is set to "permit-all-requests"
mode is ssl-authenticate-apim
here's hoping I have missed something obvious.

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