Solution to the disappearing edit/security icons issue – need to make sure that the PID search key is set to active in at least one of Simple Search/myFez/Advanced Search. Thanks CK J


Just for the record, other SOLR issues we’ve discovered along the way –


·         Status and Object Type search keys must also be set to active in at least one of Simple/MyFez/Advanced Search (again, thanks to CK)

·         Need json_decode function, so beware if you’re using early versions of PHP with SVN<2296 (when Peter N added to trunk)

·         Need to apply class.record.php fix from 2192 to prevent newly indexed records from being dropped from the solr index

·         Search keys of checkbox type (sek_html_input) must have sek_data_type=varchar

·         Don’t activate File Downloads or Views as search keys ;-)



From: Bernadette Houghton []
Sent: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 4:05 PM
Subject: Re: [Fez-users] SOLR problems


Solution to the disappearing solr indexes issue … apply updates to class.record.php, as per SVN 2192!


Still working on the disappearing edit/security icons issue …


Bern J




From: Bernadette Houghton []
Sent: Wednesday, 5 August 2009 1:06 PM
Subject: [Fez-users] SOLR problems


Currently in the process of testing SOLR, with installations on localhost and DEV, but some weird behaviour happening –


On localhost, if I “reindex all pages”, nothing gets added to the solr index– there are no communities or collections displayed, and nothing is searchable in Fez. There are no errors in the various log files (tomcat, error_handler, APP_LOGGING_DEST), and no upload files remaining. If I then do a “solr only reindex”, all works OK; communities and collections are displayed, and everything is searchable as expected in Fez. However, if I then edit a record, I have to go back and do another “solr only reindex” to make that record searchable.


In DEV, if I “reindex all pages”, the process starts off working OK – communities, collections and records start displaying almost immediately and becoming searchable. The whole process takes around 4.5 hours … but sometime towards the end, things start going wrong … the communities, collections and many records start disappearing from Fez and SOLR. We currently have 12600 records in DEV; by the time reindexing finished at my last test, there were 11300 records in SOLR, with 400 in fez_fulltext_queue. A “solr only reindex” made all 12600 records visible/searchable once more. But as with localhost, edits cause the entry to disappear from the SOLR index, so require another “solr only reindex”. There were some upload files left behind after the initial reindex (which presumably explains the records left in fez_fulltext_queue), but there were no error messages I could find (although it was a bit hard to look because of the size and number of files).


To try to get a handle on the error, today I’ve been doing various tests on DEV, being sure to reindex only single records at a time; yet from 11300 records in SOLR when I started testing (by way of editing/republishing/reindexing records, but not deleting), at some point I noticed there were only 900 still indexed in SOLR! The only error message I can find in the logs is “Could not getStatistics on info bean”, which I don’t think is relevant.


Another issue is that in list mode, only the “more options” icon is displaying; the “edit” and “security” icons seem to have gone AWOL.


Any suggestions???


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