I have been suggesting to the Fez team that they replace the whole mapping thing with programmatic solution - using code of some kind (XSLT) or PHP for the mapping. With appropriate libraries this would make it easy to create generic mappings and then subclass them - and to keep the whole lot in Subversion.


On 10/22/07, Bernadette Houghton <bernadette.houghton@deakin.edu.au> wrote:
I agree with Lyn here; it would be great if it was possible to edit a
particular element in a particular XSD and then get to choose which
XSD displays the edit should apply to. It is very tedious to activate
the same element multiple times in multiple XSD displays; plus
there's a high potential for error when making the same changes to so
many displays I


At 07:45 AM 19/10/2007, you wrote:
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>We are looking at adding a field to all document types that allows
>the use of a controlled vocabulary to identify keywords.  This
>brings up several design questions:
>It is desirable to have a way to extend XSDs besides editing them
>directly.  That way, Fez upgrades that touch the XSDs can be applied
>and the extensions continue to work.
>Additionally, it is even more desirable to be able to make these
>extensions at the community or collection level.  For example, one
>community may want to use one set of controlled vocabulary for
>keywords, while another community may want to use a different set,
>while another may not have controlled vocabulary.  If the changes
>are applied directly to the XSDs, they are by definition going to
>affect all documents of that type.
>I don't think that keywords is the only use case.  We are going to
>be doing some other work that may also require additional fields to
>all document types.
>I'm interested to hear what others think about this concept?
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