Hi Christiaan,

I am fairly sure one of the record that we created contains that new object we uploaded. Not sure if this is categorized as object was saved with pdf but there is error message.

We were just upload a new pdf on current record and what happened was as soon as we clicked publish, small window popped-up, showing the same error along with debug info but then it disappeared, whereas on the main window, it redirected us to the page that we were once belong. In that page (view.php) we can see that our new pdf was there. We can download and open it without problem.

Also, we previously already had set our 'upload_max_filesize' and 'post_max_size' to 20 M which we reckon that should be enough. We can assure you that we had normally posting our document no size bigger than 1 MB each. 

There is one thing, in jhove configuration file, we had set up our JAVA_HOME to /Library/Java/Home instead of the one you mentioned on fez installation instruction. Our Environment variable has the same path as well.

Later on jhove, We tried to set up the path correspond to the one you suggested and then we tested it.. no different. Do we have to re-setup fez if changes on jhove setting has been made?


On 28/08/2006, at 1:02 PM, Christiaan Kortekaas wrote:

Hi Haryo,
Not quite sure if you are succeeding to save the PDF with the object or if only the object is saving with no PDF, or if object saves with PDF but there is an
error message?
If the PDF is not saving perhaps your PDF is too large for your php.ini settings.
"upload_max_filesize" should be something like 70M or more to be safe, it is 2M by default. It depends on how big the files you want to upload are.
"post_max_size" should be at least the upload_max_filesize value of 70M or more. It is also 2M by default.
You have to restart apache to make these changes take effect.
If this is not the solution then can you email me directly the full Fedora error message you are getting? It could be JHOVE is having a problem extracting the
preservation metadata. When you installed JHOVE did you edit the jhove command executable as per the Fez installation instructions?

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Hi all,

Has anyone found problem while creating a new record under your collection? 
We catch an error message which is:

ERROR: Array ( [0] => Array ( [faultcode] => soapenv:Server.userException [faultstring] => fedora.server.errors.GeneralException: Error with : Error getting [detail] => Array ( [hostname] => scca-staff-hseptiantoro.local ) ) [1] => 

Seems that our hostname was being the problem so far we look. 

But the interesting was if we then check on our collection, the new object was there. We can download and open that file, no problem. At the moment we were trying to ingest a pdf file. 

Any thoughts anyone?

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