Hello Again,


First off, wanted to thank Christiaan and Lynette for responding to my earlier problem so quickly.

I have one more problem when running the sanity check, the good old:

ConnectHTTP  APP_BASE_FEDORA_APIM_DOMAIN   = 'http://fedoraAdmin:password@localhost:8080/fedora'  HTTP Result 401 code

-The enforce mode is set to “Permit-all-requests” (in fedora.fcfg)

-When I use the url http://fedoraAdmin:password@localhost:8080/fedora in my browser, I receive the AXIS service screen.

-Server setup is set to “no-ssl-authenticate-all”

When setting up fedora, does it matter if “Authentication requirement for API-A” is set to true or false?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


Kevin Bowrin