I'm currently involved in a project of implementing a Authentic Digital Object Repository (RODA) using Fedora. This project is aimed for archival institutions, with different needs from the libraries. 
For one the object model cannot be the one implemented by Fez (Community -> Collection -> Record). The chosen object model is a descriptive metadata schema called EAD.

My questions are:

1 - How can I change the Fez Object Architecture (http://espace.library.uq.edu.au/documentation/templates/design.html)?
2 - Are the core of Fez (workflow system, search and browse engines, item visualization - dissemination) and the object model interdependent?
3 - Which is the relation between FezACML and Fedora's XACML? Why not use Fedora's user and object permissions instead?
4 - Can I use other schema instead of the FezMD?
5 - For images (as an example) Fez creates thumbnails and previews while the Ingest Image workflow. Is it possible to do this with Fedora's disseminators?
6 - Could we use pluggable Viewers over the fedora's disseminators to present information  in Fez?

Thank you,
Luis Faria
National Archive Institute of Portugal