Hi Conor:
You have 3 options concerning oai-pmh when using fez-fedora
1.- use the included oai data provider in fez. http://your installation/oai.php
2.- use the included oai-pmh in fedora . http://yourinstallation:8080/fedora/oai?verb=Identify (or other verbs included in protocol )
3.- install the oaiprovider service from fedora.
In this case you can go to the oai.properties (not sure the name of the configuration file) and set up to accept mods as metadataProfile. So you can add MODS to your listMetadataFormats.
In https://techknowhow.library.emory.edu/etd-documentation/fedora-oai-provider-configuration-etd you can see an example of how implementing different schemas (MODS included)
Luis Zorita

El 29/05/2012 10:12, McTernan, Conor escribió:

I was wondering if anybody could provide me with any links to some documentation on how to setup the OAI harvesting of documents in Fez/Fedora?


I think I understand that the DC sets are used for harvesting, but I am confused as to how to associate them with the existing MODS fields. I have been working with the Book document type and I cannot seem to get any of the documents to appear on the oai.php listing. I have had a look through the wiki, but cannot find anything with any clear instructions on how to achieve this.


Any guidance would be much appreciated.





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