Hi Christiaan,

I notice that files are being created in the fez/solr_upload dir but, the importing seems to be inconsistent at best.

It appears that if I restart tomcat and then run the "import solr" process then it is a success, but only the one time. If I add additional articles or collections they will not show up until the next time I restart tomcat and then run the "solr only reindex all"

When I check the catalina.out file I do not see anything that looks like an obvious error. I can provide a copy of it if necessary.



On 02/23/2012 10:06 AM, Christiaan Kortekaas wrote:
Hi Conor

Maybe take a look in the tomcat error log / catalina.out file and see if there are errors/warning around the time of the solr indexing.
Also check your fez/solr_upload dir is accessible to tomcat. If the upload didn't succeed then those csv files like your solrCsvIRpK3h will still be in there (they only get deleted by fez from that folder if solr returned a success response).