Hi there,

I have 2 issues that need a little help:

1. I got the latest Fez from the trunk, installation is ok. I indexed several objects but viewing the object is causing a problem(The webpage cannot be found HTTP 404) the URL looks like this:

http://apt-expose1/fez4/view/demo:090056d0801677d6. It seems to be different URL in older Fez version which works. Please let me know what the problem could be in this case.

2. I am also trying to integrate Solr for the faceted search. I installed solr on different machine running Tomcat and installation is successful.

I will need some more information to make sure that the integration is successful. Any information is appreciated!

Nikolay Gannev, M.S.E.
System Software Engineer
Northrop-Grumman Information Technology
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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