Thanks Keith,

This fix has now been committed to trunk (Rev 1567).

Lachlan Kuhn
Senior Web Developer
Library Technology Service
The University of Queensland, Australia
+617 3346 4349

Keith Maull - Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries wrote:

This is in Revision 1558 :


Line 2606 of include/class.xsd_html_match.php


It reads :

    $sel_list = XSD_HTML_Match::getSubloopingElementByXDIS_ID($xdis_id);


I think it should be :

        $sel_list = XSD_HTML_Match::getSubloopingElementsByXDIS_ID($xdis_id);


As far as I can see there isn’t any method XSD_HTML_Match::getSubloopingElementByXDIS_ID($xdis_id);


Good thing it was just a typo – looks like it was just missing an ‘s’  in SubLoopingElements …



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