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On 27/03/2008, Christiaan Kortekaas <> wrote:
Hi Matt

This sounds similar to the OnRAMP work Lynette Rayle is doing with Fez for NSDL. So I think potentially many people would be interested in this.


On 27/03/08 10:12 AM, "Matt Painter" <> wrote:

Hi all,

I've whipped up a small PHP application to act as a bridge between public websites and internal Fedora repositories. For Archives New Zealand, our Fedora repository contains a combination of highly sensitive material plus a collection of material for public consumption. As such, the repository itself will never be made publically available. In our situation, Fez will also only be available internally.

The application was specifically written to display a 'picture of the day' on the Archives website (yet to be made live). It takes an XML file containing a list of PIDs of collections that contain publically-available images and a list of PIDs of records containing images chosen for display. The application contains components to both return the image as a webservice (with optional parameters for thumbnail, preview, etc), and descriptive metadata XML which is then formatted with an XSL file for display as HTML.

Is this sort of application suitable for making available via the Fez wiki? It's not a modification to Fez itself, but it could potentially be useful for others or at least serve as a simple example of API-A access, XPath, XML and XSD.


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